Her Smell ★★★★★

wow. i feel physically ill after this and the headache i had going into it has increased in pain and i feel like my head is going to explode. this is the most raw, chaotic and unpredictable film experience of the year for me. the first half is so scary and anxiety inducing that i thought about turning it off several times. i'm so glad i didn't. because the second half of it is so real and so heartbreaking. the scene with becky and her daughter at the piano. perfection. i cried and it felt like i was there in the room. elisabeth moss, oh man, what a fucking revelation she is.

i'm gonna keep this film with me for months and it has already crawled inside my heart and made itself a dirty little smelly room in there. i fucking loved every second of it. even though it made my head explode. it was so totally worth it.

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