The Lion King ★★★½

went into this fully expecting to hate it because the original means so much to me, but i didn’t. within the first 5 seconds i knew i’d like it. i get why people hate it, but honestly i think it’s a little underserving of it. it’s obviously not as good or amazing as the original but i think it’s a good remake. i don’t care sue me.

the only thing i didn’t like was “be prepared”. that song is one of the best villain songs in disney history and they butchered it. it’s what stopping me from giving it 4 stars. otherwise i think it’s pretty solid. billy eichner and seth rogen were the absolute standouts. that’s brilliant casting right there. fully expected timon to say AND SHE DROVE ME HERE at some point though. 

also i cried 6 times. it’s about the nostalgia.

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