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  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    The Farewell is a rather wonderful movie “based on a true lie”, in that we follow Billi (Awkwafina), a Chinese-American girl, returning to China when her beloved grandmother is given a terminal diagnosis. 
    Billi’s family decides to keep grandma in the dark about her illness and they enstage all stage an impromptu wedding to see her one last time. 

    It has been a few months since Lulu Wang’s second feature first screened and i had high expectations going into this…

  • Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood


    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a very entertaining movie, though far from flawless, in particular the third part of the movie, which i find problematic and i would have preferred another approach to Sharon Tate’s story, but i will get on that later.

    Quentin Tarantino once again takes a revisionist paintbrush to history (after the successful Inglorious Basterds), his canvas this time around being 1969 Hollywood where former television star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) struggles with alcoholism and…

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  • The Painted Bird

    The Painted Bird


    The Painted Bird is a miserable movie that follows the misadventures of a young Jewish boy.

    There’s a specific terme used to describe miserability in movies, a terme i don’t really like using to describe movies, a terme that somehow has been used recently in a wrong way to describe great movies such as Burning or Dogman, that terme is “misery porn”; an expression used to describe a character personal journey through traumas and abuse, that may lead to a…

  • No. 7 Cherry Lane

    No. 7 Cherry Lane


    ***not really a 5/5 but more a 3.5/5; this movie though deserves some love, it’s so freaking weird and there are so many cats, and they fly and even lick nipples!***

    No. 7 Cherry Lane is one of the weirdest movie i’ve seen; Yonfan’s slow pace may turn someone off, who am i kidding? This is sooooo slow and the characters keep moving in slow-motion. 
    But hell yeah i was very entertained by it; there are so many pointless characters…

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Cannes 2019 #11
    Portrait de la jeune fille en feu tells the story of a young painter, Marianne (Noémie Merlant), who is commissioned to portrait a young lady from a wealthy family, Héloïse (Adèle Haenel), to be used as a marriage proposal to a wealthy man from Milan.
    Héloïse has already refused to sit before for portraits, so Marianne has to spy her and act as a lady’s maid.

    The first half of the movie is very slow (not boring!)…

  • Pain and Glory

    Pain and Glory


    Pain and Glory is a terrific semi autobiographical movie evolving around Salvador Mallo, a film director in his decline, who is struggling with creativity issues because of his ill health.
    Antonio Banderas wonderfully plays Salvador in one of his finest performances to date, a captivating physical, vulnerable yet brilliant turn. His scene with Leonardo Sbaraglia is easily one of the highlights of the movie.
    The whole cast is terrific as well, Asier Exteandia plays Alberto Crespo, an actor who made…