Parasite ★★★★★

South Korea has done it again. I know I am biased towards them, but they fucking deserve it. The Palme win by Bong finally solidifies Korea as a powerhouse in cinema. Its time for everyone to realize that people like Bong Joon Ho, Lee Chang Dong, and Hong Sang Soo are on the same level as the greats from the US, Italy, France, and all over. Time and time again Korean cinema gives me that incredible feeling of watching something different, so unique that it just overwhelms all of my senses. Last year it was Burning, and this year its goddamn Parasite. This dark comedy puts forth an eccentric and captivating story at its surface. But underneath it all you can feel the frustration and anger that Bong feels towards the social and class divide that Koreans face. His passion oozes throughout the whole film and it is wonderfully conveyed. I am glad that he got the recognition he deserved. Hopefully this will continue the incredible work coming from South Korea and also inspire a future auteur to create work of similar magnitude.

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