Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★

I can understand why this movie was not appreciated by so many including myself as It presents a different(or random) way of telling a story. Right After I left the movie theatre very disappointed, I read some online reviews of people just to see what made them love the film .

There was a review that I stumbled upon of a person arguing that this movie is what real cinema is, if you don't like it, it means that you know nothing about cinema. He added that this generation is used to movies with tons of CGI and easy narrative structure. Personally speaking, I think that this movie's biggest flaws is not in its long pace or lack of tension but in the way the story was told.

For anyone who's arguing that Tarantino made this film to show his love for cinema, celebrating an old era of Hollywood, I still believe that this movie felt like random moments with no clear destination. There was one question in my head the whole time when I was watching this film : what is exactly the role of Margot Robbie in this film? what is she supposed to do? why is she put there in this film? her character "Sharon Tate" had very few unnecessary time on screen with no sense of character development other than the fact that she is Roman Polanski's wife (Although tbh, her story is very interesting and worth sharing).

There was also some unnecessary scenes that were completely useless and added nothing to the story, Lazy narration that summarizes Rick Dalton's career in Italy, no clever dialogue or exceptional storyline like we are used to watch in most of Tarantino's films. This movie felt to me like random moments put together in the editing room with a little bit of Tarantino's touch. I personally think that this film is far away from being a great one although I am a big fan of Tarantino movies and his love for cinema that he's been showing for so long. Many people secretly believe that it's one of his worst films but can't admit it because well it's Tarantino, not liking his movies makes you an ignorant who doesn't know what you're talking about so you HAVE to like it.

For anyone who haven't watched this movie yet, I recommend you lower your expectation and don't compare it to any other masterpiece made by Tarantino.

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