Shutter Island ★★★★½

I was 11, maybe 12 when this came out. I skated an hour and half to the movie theatre on the other side of the city, I had only seen maybe one or two of Leo’s film and I snuck in cause I wasn’t old enough, I was a broke little black kid with ripped jeans and tape on my shoes. Shutter island was the movie that introduced me to how important film was/is to me. I just remember being completly in awe, it was the first time a film really sucked me in and for that 108 minutes I forgot about the entire world, that’s the diffference between a bunch of clips put together and a “film” (every time I say the word film I feel pretentious). The classic dark twist in that movie that left me mind fucked and overwhelmed (in a good way) with this whole new world I discovered and I'm now still exploring. I dropped out of school young, was in the streets for a while, doing things I could be still in jail for now.. When I looked around that theatre and seen all the people who would in any other situation lock their doors if I walked by their car in the same “awe” as I was in... But that day we were all just people watching a movie. I think that’s special.