La Haine

La Haine ★★★★½

Loved this. Cinematography is on another fucking level with some iconic scenes like the mirror scene, the Paris dolly zoom and the sped up gun reveal. The characters are so familiar to me for some reason and that really made it much easier to connect with them and care about them. There were themes of classism, racism, power, the cycle of hatred, corruption, oppression, violence, societal rebellion, existentialism and so much more. It somehow manages to present such an intense narrative within a very short runtime without sacrificing any sort of cohesivity or depth. I also liked how it portrayed Sayid, Hubert and Vinz as 3 different ends of a reactionary spectrum; Vinz as the volatile, impulsive gangster, Hubert as the tired pseudo-pacifist and Sayid, who acted as a makeshift middle ground for both of them, which is even more apparent when you realise the film starts and ends on Sayid's face. The whole film was just a representation of the boiling pot of humanity's hatred overflowing and it did it perfectly. The ending solidified that fact for me. Honestly one of my favourite non English films.
Oh yeah, ACAB btw.

"Jusqu'ici tout va bien."

Rating: 9/10

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