Clueless ★★★★½

"Ew, get off of me! Ugh, as IF!"

Best watch of the MONTH. Clueless is basically the precursor to Legally Blonde. I mean, isn't Elle Woods basically just Cher Horowitz at law school? 

I think Clueless is a movie that should've been in my life long ago but for some reason wasn't. I mean, I got The Last Airbender and Sharkboy and Lavagirl, but not this? My childhood feels a little emptier now.

What makes this different from all of those mean diva flicks is that Cher Horowitz is a kind, well-meaning girl who doesn't put others down. Sure, antiheroes (and antiheroines) are always fun, but Alicia Silverstone's acting is so convincing that no matter how cheesy the plot gets, you fall for it all. 

And the stacked cast is so well utilized. We've got Paul Rudd, who hasn't aged in 25 years for some reason, Dan Hedaya, who plays the weird angry espresso man in Mulholland Drive, and Wallace Shawn, whose teacher role I'll never forget. And if you watch Clueless too, I'd like to show my love for Murray, one of the funniest characters I've ever seen on the screen. Giving this movie one of my rare "likes," which I save for my ultimate favorites.

Since Clueless is loosely based on it, maybe it's time I cracked open my copy of Jane Austen's Emma!