Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★★½

No Matter what film critics would say about such a "Netflix piece of work "....I literally Enjoyed every single moment of it - although it is not my favourite kinda movie- I really I did...

The upgrading tension...the ups & downs..the mixed tangled angery feelings that were transferred to us successfully... they were really good ..

I felt like It's not a winner/loser situation to isn't even about seeking a better version of your partner...It is about fighting to be a better version of yourself to enable him to dig deeper to explore the best authentic version of himself and as simple as it may appear... .believe me it is the hardest task ever and that's why I loved the movie

A question to be asked..
Am l the only one who want to watch all the upcoming movies in black and white?

Oh Man...
You should have thanked her for that mac and cheese it looked really delicious !!!!!!

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