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  • Avalon
  • Enter the Void
  • Honey PuPu
  • Dolls

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  • Nowhere


  • 800 Two Lap Runners


  • El sur


  • Little Big Women


Recent reviews

  • Nowhere



    Pintó's latest is a fun little survival thriller. It's a little over-the-top and it would be smart to prepare yourself for a film that isn't all that realistic, but it's this cheeky larger-than-life edge that makes the film stand out. It's certainly not the first film about someone stranded at sea, so to get something slightly different is a big plus.

    Mia and her husband try to escape from a war zone, but their attempt is troubled. They get separated…

  • 800 Two Lap Runners

    800 Two Lap Runners


    An essential Hiroki, but one that's been unavailable to us mere Westerns until very recently. It's one of the first films where he shifts his focus from pinku to purer drama. There are still some pinku influences left, but 800 Two Lap Runners is very much a typical and capable early 90s sports romance.

    When Ryuji is caught with a female student, his principal forces him to join the track team. He sees a great athlete in Ryuji, but so…

Popular reviews

  • 2LDK



    This film, being made in just a week, is obviously a little rough around the edges. At the same time, there's also a level of vitality and energy that is often lacking from films that are more meticulously planned. Tsutsumi made some smart decisions, keeping the cinematography and soundtrack more functional, while focusing on elements that were able to stand out more easily. With two spirited actresses, a fun and progressively more over-the-top script, nifty dark comedy and a very…

  • Hells



    This film asks a lot from its audience. You have to be able to keep with the outlandish art style, the high levels of comedy and absurdity mixed with a well-considered (how implausible as it might be) storyline and the constant assault on the senses. In return, you get one of the most uniquely satisfying anime ever released. A film that can only be compared with a very concise selection of otherwise incomparable animation projects. Hells is a true delight if you appreciate your films a little different, if not it's probably best to stay away from it as far as possible.

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