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  • Avalon
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  • The Greatest Beer Run Ever


  • Kaza-hana


  • The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon


  • The Royal Scoundrel


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  • The Greatest Beer Run Ever

    The Greatest Beer Run Ever

    Remember when the Farrelly brothers still made comedies? Nowadays, it seems the comedy genre is all but dead, so Peter Farrelly transformed himself to direct mushy Hollywood feel-good drama with a message. Enter The Greatest Beer Run Ever, a pointless anecdote that takes us back to the Vietnam war.

    Chickie is wasting away his time while many of his palls are fighting the war in Vietnam. When he comes up with a plan to support them by taking them some…

  • Kaza-hana


    A somewhat hermetic, but beautiful drama. Somai doesn't make it easy on his audience, the characters aren't the most charming and are pretty introverted, the structure is a tad confusing and their haphazard trip may feel rather pointless. But as the film moved along, the characters started to grow on me (helped by some terrific performances), the delicate styling didn't miss its effect and the drama grew stronger by the minute. Somai's swan song is a film to cherish, one that should appeal to people who love Japanese drama and don't mind an arthouse finish.

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  • 2LDK


    This film, being made in just a week, is obviously a little rough around the edges. At the same time, there's also a level of vitality and energy that is often lacking from films that are more meticulously planned. Tsutsumi made some smart decisions, keeping the cinematography and soundtrack more functional, while focusing on elements that were able to stand out more easily. With two spirited actresses, a fun and progressively more over-the-top script, nifty dark comedy and a very…

  • Hotel Poseidon

    Hotel Poseidon


    Lernous combines the vigor and enthusiasm of a first-time director with the focus and confidence of someone who already knows every trick in the book. It's a rare combination that explains why Hotel Poseidon turned out the way it did. The film is a celebration of the weird, the absurd and the surreal, constantly adding new layers of wonder, forcing its audience to sit back in submission and let the film wash over them. This is mood cinema pur sang,…