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  • The Truth

    The Truth

    A bland courtroom thriller. Hong Kong has a film industry with strengths and weaknesses and serious drama isn't one of its strengths, certainly not when handled by one of its second-tier genre directors. Taylor Wong's The Truth is for completists and extreme fans of courtroom dramas only.
    The pairing of Wong and Andy Lau looked promising on paper, but the dramatic backstory (Lau's an orphan who becomes a lawyer, reconnects with his birth mother and ends up defending her in…

  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    Pretty disappointing. Not that I'm a big fan of musicals, but throughout the years I've seen my fair share and I've learned to at least appreciate their particularities. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg isn't your average musical though and it comes with its own set of rules, which I found very hard to get used to.

    No dance routines here, but more surprisingly no (actual) songs either. Instead, every line of dialogue is sung by the characters. It's quite awkward, quite…

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  • 2046



    If the romance and the drama doesn't get to you, the atmosphere probably will. 2046 features some of the most impressively visuals I've ever witnessed in any film, helped by a wonderfully unique soundtrack, strong acting, rich poetry and lovable characters, despite their obvious defects. The film runs a little long, but never becomes stale or boring.

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  • The Day of Destruction

    The Day of Destruction


    Personally, I'm glad Toyoda is back to his rawer, more punk self. The Day of Destruction reminded me a lot of Toyoda's Blood of Rebirth and I think the two would make for an interesting back-to-back screening. The film is probably a little niche and it's not going to draw the same crowds as Blue Spring did, but true Toyoda fans are sure to have a blast with this one. It's raw, primordial and unfiltered emotion, an audiovisual experience that…