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  • Taoism Drunkard

    Taoism Drunkard

    Martial arts film made on the cheap. Its lack of budget is a blessing though, as it allowed the director to simply do whatever he pleased. Taoism Drunkard is a bat shit crazy mix of martial arts, comedy and some minor horror touches, featuring a kettle as one of the most daft (but hilarious) characters in any martial arts film ever.

  • The Box

    The Box

    Rather weird and abstract film with some mild sci-fi/fantasy elements, shot is grizzly black and white. It's not entirely coherent, there's not that much dialogue and the ending goes a little off the rails, but it's plenty atmospheric, with beautiful cinematography and a very solid score. Definitely worth a watch if you don't mind your films a little different.

  • Parasite


    Decent but somewhat inconspicuous film unworthy of all the hype. Bong is a fine director and there are a few decent scenes that stand out, but the first hour is very repetitive, the second one feels aimless and the rest of it is just solid, but hardly anything to get excited about. Beats me what all this praise is for, but it's not a bad film.

  • The First Temptation of Christ

    The First Temptation of Christ

    The Prequel to The Last Hangover, which is every bit as goofy, silly and well ... blunt. The idea is pretty much the same, only now we're celebrating Jesus' 30th birthday, on which his parents plan to tell him who his real faster is. If you hate blasphemous things, don't even attempt to watch this, otherwise it's a fun and amusing comedy.

  • A Very Murray Christmas

    A Very Murray Christmas

    Rather lifeless and boring Christmas special. Murray is his grumpy old self, the song are pretty bad and the setup doesn't allow for much comedy. The guests don't add much life to the party either and I could really do without Miley Cyrus singing. Could be nice if you're a big Murray fun, but this didn't really do it for me.

  • The Last Hangover

    The Last Hangover

    A strange cross-over between the biblical last supper and The Hangover. Some over-the-top, Brazilian comedy that takes a while to get going, but gets pretty funny during the second half. Not for people who are easily offended and many of the joke are quite predictable, but the presentation and execution are pretty on point.

  • Cats


    A film that resides in the uncanny valley of uncanny valley. Rebel Wilson scratching her thighs, Ian McKellen sipping water out of a plate, Judi Dench singing and a nude-brown Idris Elba furry, this film has it all. It's a full-blown musical, which isn't quite my thing, but it's so weird that it's easily one of the better musicals I've seen so far.

  • Code 8

    Code 8

    Somewhat disappointing blend of sci-fi and superhero antics, which at times feels more like a TV series pilot than an actual feature film. The effects are pretty decent, but the acting is mediocre, the setting is derivative and the superhero elements are tired and dull. This needed more stylistic prowess to be any good.

  • Video Girl Ai

    Video Girl Ai

    A decent OAV, which I liked quite a lot the first time I watched it. So many years later though, it turns out to be quite cheesy. Apart from the final episode that is, which gets all anime crazy and weird. Some decent animation here and there, a couple of fun scenes, but most of it is a little too corny and predictable for my taste.

  • The Heartbreak Yakuza

    The Heartbreak Yakuza

    Early Harada. Not much to see here, except some very basic Yakuza/crime genre work. The gunslinging is a little boring, the acting is mediocre, the cinematography mostly functional and the plot as predictable as can be. No doubt the biggest Yakuza film fans will find something here, but otherwise this was a slight letdown.

  • Dare to Stop Us

    Dare to Stop Us

    Films about films are rarely very good, but Shiraishi's take on the rise of Wakamatsu and his production company is definitely worth a gamble. Well acted, fun to see so many references to famous Wakamatsu films and some nice insights into the role of Adachi. Familiarity with the directors and subject matter is a real plus though.

  • All Is Bright

    All Is Bright

    A dramady with a severe lack of comedy. Rudd and Giamatti make a nice couple, but the side characters are dull, the drama is pretty depressing and the comedy fails rather hard. There are a few moments where the film seems to flare up a little, sadly it never catches fire. A big waste of acting talent if you ask me.