• People's Hero

    People's Hero

    A pretty tepid and basic heist/hostage movie. With Yee in the director's chair and the two Tony Leungs in front of the camera, expectations were slightly higher, but this is just a run-of-the-mill genre film. It's not terrible and the limited runtime definitely helps, but it's far from memorable and lacks any stand-out moments.

  • Thai Sisters

    Thai Sisters

    Pinkaew is back ... with a horror film. The intro feels a little rushed and at times I wondered if this was part of an existing franchise, but once things start to fall into place this became a fun and entertaining little film. The monster designs and cheap CG keep it from reaching a higher score though. Whether it was intentional or not, the cheesiness felt out of place.

  • I'll Give It My All ... Tomorrow

    I'll Give It My All ... Tomorrow

    Goofy and understated comedy about a 40 y/o guy who quits his job and vows to become a manga artist. Fukuda is a skilled comedy director and Tsutsumi hasn't lost much of his flair. It's not a real stand-out film, but there are some good laughs and the film never drags or gets boring. Very good filler indeed.

  • The Climbers

    The Climbers

    At times a decent blockbuster, but some scenes are so sentimental and over the top that it's closer to a genre parody than an actual bona fide adventure flick. Daniel Lee has the skills, but he needs to show a little more restraint if he wants to get back on top. This was borderline entertaining, but much more than that.

  • Napoleon


    Some fancy camera work and experimental editing making this an interesting classic, but the excessive runtime and the excruciating orchestral score really take away from the experience. The score isn't really Gance's fault, but the length of the film betrays his lack of restraint. I'm quite glad the sequels were never made.

  • The Gate

    The Gate

    80s horror flick that takes a really long time to get going and turns out to be a little too kiddy-proof once the shit hits the fan. The effects are rather poor, the characters are cheesy and the actors are unqualified, but there's a certain charm that peeks during the final 30 minutes, which saves the film from being a complete failure.

  • Ritual


    Ritual is rather long, running a little over two hours, especially when you consider the fact that the characters you'll be spending your time with aren't all that charming or lovable. They are extremely intriguing though and while Anno delves into their personas you slowly familiarize with them, without the need to find any actual similarities between you and the characters. Ritual is by far Anno's most accomplished film and it supersedes all his other efforts with gratifying ease. It's…

  • Invasion of Astro-Monster

    Invasion of Astro-Monster

    This was pretty fun. You get a kaiju film and a space exploration film rolled into one. It's all very cheesy and cardboard-like of course, but there's hardly a dull moment and some there are some truly stand-out scenes. Apart from the original Godzilla film, this is one of the best Honda films I've seen so far.

  • Stay Out Stay Alive

    Stay Out Stay Alive

    Visual effects man Dean Yurke directs his very own feature. No surprise then that it looks pretty awesome, especially for a film where the inexperience of its director is almost tangible. It's a relatively original and well-made horror film, with a couple of stand-out moments and a pretty intriguing premise, well worth a try for genre fans.

  • 3022


    A basic genre flick that recycles a lot of familiar sci-fi ideas and doesn't add much of its own. People are stuck in space, their life support is running out and communications with Earth are cut. It's not a horrible film, but chances are that you've seen this before, executed more skillfully. If you're starving for some space sci-fi though, it's not a bad choice.

  • The Burning

    The Burning

    It's the 80s, a group of teens is attending summer camp and someone is looking for revenge. This is core genre fare, a bit more serious than some of its contemporaries, but still quite lazy and derivative. The murders and the killer are too lame to make a real impression, the gore is minimal and the rest is just filler. It's not terrible, for extremely forgettable.

  • Xiangxi Legend

    Xiangxi Legend

    Another tomb raiding fantasy from Mainland China. The genre is incredibly popular right now and supply can't seem to meet demand. That means there's a lot of cheap shlock around, but this was a pretty decent film. Of course, it suffers from some subpar CG and it's not very original, but it's a decent genre film that offers 90 minutes of solid entertainment.