• Miss Bala

    Miss Bala

    I never watched the original film, but I still wondered why they bothered with a remake. The plot is so basic and has been done some many times before, you could probably just copy/paste the entire film, slap a different title on it and nobody would even notice this was an actual remake.

    Gloria is a make-up artist who goes to Mexico to help a friend win a pageant. Once there, they are witness to a violent murder in a…

  • Dark Water

    Dark Water

    A rather tepid remake of Nakata's film. Salles tries to enhance the drama, but by doing so he takes all the creep and scares out of Dark Water. The result is a sluggish intro that drags well into the second half, with a more spectacular finale that lacks impact. Not what you want from a film like this.

    The plot has remained virtually unchanged. After her divorce, Dahlia moves with her daughter Cecelia into a new apartment. The place is…

  • The Columnist

    The Columnist

    Works pretty well as a dark comedy, not quite sure about the rest of the film. It seems there is some kind of underlying message here about social media and freedom of speech, but various narratives seem to contradict each other, making it quite difficult to see what the film was actually gunning for (if anything really).

    Femke is a columnist for a big paper. One specific column has put her into the spotlight of Twitter's troll sphere, something she…

  • 6 Souls

    6 Souls

    A slow burn thriller with relatively strong religious/fantastical elements. That came as a bit of a surprise after a pretty straightforward first hour, but Mårlind and Stein switch to a different gear after the halfway mark and take the film in a much less scientific direction. It's a nice diversion, though not quite sure if it made the film better.

    Cara is a single mom and dedicated psychiatrist, just like her dad. He likes to challenge her with cases that…

  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon

    Disney's latest animation goes shopping for cultural inspiration in Asia. Don't expect too much of it though, in the end it's still an undeniably obvious American production, but at least it makes for a nice change of setting. Other than that, Disney is just repeating its same old formula.

    The land of Kumandra has been split into five different pieces. Raya's father tries to reunite the different clans, but his attempt fails and only makes things worse. His daughter sets…

  • Keeping Up with the Joneses

    Keeping Up with the Joneses

    Simple comedy that doesn't take too many chances. It's a bit of an odd niche (the neighbors-are-spies one), but one that never seems to deviate too much from its set path, even though its premise is pretty absurd. Mottola does a decent job here, but fails to make Keeping Up with the Joneses stand out.

    When the Joneses move into their new house, the people in their neighborhood aren't quite sure how to react to this flashy, worldly couple. Karen…

  • Scary Movie 3

    Scary Movie 3

    Third part in the infamous Scary Movie franchise. On paper these film should appeal to me. I love a good parody, the barrage of jokes is constant and there's no room for a more dramatic final act. Scary Movie 3 could've been a decent film, if only some of the parodies and jokes would've landed.

    There's hardly a plot to speak of. The main aim of the parody is The Ring, but Scary Movie 3 also tackles a lot of…

  • Mandibles


    If you're a Dupieux fan, you can go into this knowing you're going to have a good time. Whether you'll end up appreciating, liking or loving the film depends on how well you'll respond to the central duo, but all the usual Dupieux perks are there. If you're new to Dupieux, you might be better off seeing some of his other films first. Personally, I had a blast. The stand-out performances, the downplayed craziness, the chill atmosphere and more than…

  • The Flying Mr. B

    The Flying Mr. B

    Jing Wong's riff on Superman, though like most of his films, Flying Mr. B isn't a straight parody or rip-off. Instead, the Superman thing is just a blip that starts off another silly Wong comedy, with plenty of other parody and plain old Hong Kong comedy moments thrown in for good measure.

    A genius scientist invents a little pill that turns him into Superman. But his general wits are questionable, as he fails to cover up his invention. Pretty soon…

  • The Romancing Star

    The Romancing Star

    A star-studded 80s Hong Kong romcom that proved to be quite popular, so much in fact that it spawned two sequels. While that sounds promising on paper, the film itself really isn't all that great. Unless you're a big fan of the somewhat lechery Hong Kong comedy of yonder, there isn't much here.

    A quartet of young guys treats itself to a little vacation in Thailand. They're on the prowl and it doesn't take too long before they run into…

  • Born to Gamble

    Born to Gamble

    Jing Wong refining his gambling formula before making his big statement with God of Gamblers. That means Born to Gamble is a pretty basic film, almost a work in progress. You can see the blueprint of Wong's later success and there are some funny bits, but it's mostly just generic romcom stuff with a bit of gambling thrown in.

    Alex is a prosperous gambler who can't seem to stop winning. Things become a bit more complicated when he meets Mina,…

  • Blue Thunder

    Blue Thunder

    A pretty dim 80s action flick that puts all its eggs in one single basket: its titular helicopter. It's a thing that probably looked quite futuristic in the early 80s, including its "amazing" capabilities, but it's little more than a bit of cheesy hardware nowadays. The same goes for the film itself.

    Murphy is a veteran Vietnam pilot who ends up becoming the test pilot of a new type of military surveillance helicopter. Though suspicious at first, he quickly learns…