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  • Sami Blood

    Sami Blood


    Sami Blood, Sami-Swedish writer-director Andrea Kernell’s debut feature, opens on a black screen and the sound of a lonely, whistling wind. Then, a knocking, as the introductory credits, white on black, appear, and a man’s voice: “Mom?” More knocking. The same voice: “Christina?” The first image appears, an elderly woman, alone, in close-up profile, lighting a cigarette, looking out a window, ignoring the voice. It’s a haunted space with that blackness, the wind, the disembodied voice, and the woman, turned…

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


    My 8-year old daughter and I just finished reading the book together, so, of course, we had to watch the film directly afterwards. She loved it --though I think it was her first real experience of the tension between book and movie: there were those deep disappointments of things the movie left out or changed, but there were those stabs of joyful recognition, too, seeing a world of the page and imagination embodied on screen. "Oooh, is that Professor Dumbledore?"

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  • Love & Friendship

    Love & Friendship


    Love & Friendship opened in Bellingham yesterday to a happy crowd of - wait for it - older women. Genuinely puzzled, my daughters, whom I had brought with me to the screening, commented on the sea of graying feminine heads. Jane Austen, so the perception goes, is just for the ladies.

    I'm a fan of a number of Jane Austen adaptations, the Andrew Davies/Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice, of course, as well as the Emma Thompson/Ang Lee collaboration, Sense and…

  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Q. Why did the Native son need to die?
    A. Because the white man needs drama.

    Q. Why did the Native wife need to die?
    A. Because the white man needs drama. And an exotic dream guide.

    Q. Why did the cute Native who catches snowflakes on his tongue need to die?
    A. Because the bad guys need to be real bad and real racist because the sensitive white man needs drama.

    Q. Why did the Natives attack the injured,…