Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★★

"No! You *can't* be alive!"

Another favorite of mine, in the Friday franchise (along with part 2). The sweet disco tune that plays over the opening credits, let's you know you're in for an eye-popping, 3D good time! Jason acquires his signature hockey mask and he's looking more terrifying than ever. Richard Brooker, is my favorite actor to ever play Jason Voorhees. He's tall, lean and downright creepy. Especially when that mask comes off. *chills*! But this sequel is alot of fun. The characters are cheesy and likeable. I love all the 3D gag effects. The kills are super memorable and really great! I especially love the creepy old barn, that Jason spends alot of time lurking around in. Overall, I'm a BIG Friday 3 fan!

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