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Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

Today is July 19th, 2022. So what’s special about this day you may ask?

Well this day marks the one year anniversary of me joining Letterboxd. Can you believe it? Probably not. 

Yeah. It’s been exactly one year since I started this account, and I never expected to reach the levels of popularity and success with this account than I do now. 

I started this account as a means to review and talk about the films I watched and share my thoughts on them when I get the chance to. But I’m really happy to be where I’m at with this account, and I wouldn’t be without the love and support from all of you on here. 

Throughout the last year, I have interacted with so many cool, awesome, and lovely people on this site through liking their reviews and reading them, sharing different thoughts on the films we watch, respecting their opinions regardless if I agree with them or not, and offering different perspectives that actively challenges my own viewpoints on how I see certain films. 

It has been so fun doing all that and more on this site, and to all of my nearly 1.2k followers on here, I want to say a big thank you. 

Whatever you have been following me since the beginning or if you’re following me for the first time, your love and support for me and my reviews is what help me keep going in my crummy and busy life and allow to a unique voice like mine to be on a place with so many others trying to get their voice be heard on the things they love like film. Knowing that I’m not alone on this matter. 

Again, thank you all so very much, and I truly do love each and every one of you. You rock. 

So I thought, what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion then by reviewing the film that started it all for me, Jojo Rabbit

That’s right. If you scroll down my dairy list on this and scroll down to July 19th 2021, you would find Jojo Rabbit as the film logged for that day. And the rest was history. 

I know there’s a lot of discourse around this film and a lot of people who aren’t a fan of it. Which is fine if you’re not a fan of the film. But personally, I loved it, and it’s my 2nd favorite of Taika’s work (the first being What We Do in the Shadows). Plus this re watch is a good reminder that Taika can make great films, especially after whatever the fuck happened to him with Love and Thunder

There’s a lot of things to really talk about this film that I loved. From its clever satire of Nazis and their baboonish behaviors, to the beautiful look and feel to capture a Takia like view point of Nazi Germany, to the excellent performances (the highlights being Roman Griffin Davis and Thomasin McKenzie) providing the right amount of humor and emotional levity into their characters, to the change of tone from comedy to drama that doesn’t feel jarring for the most part, etc. But there are tons of reviews discuss about all of that in better detail than I could. 

There’s just a lot of good things that make this film something special that not only entertained me, but also moved me as well. Even if the film isn’t quite perfect, the film never fails to enlighten me by nearly everything I see on screen with Jojo Rabbit and how it wants to present what it wanted to say about breaking out of toxic belief in order to see the world as it’s beauty in the most freeing way imaginable. And that to me is just beautiful. 

So yeah. I’m really glad I can be apart of this amazing community throughout the last year and having the time of my life with it, no matter how busy my life is atm with work and everything in between. And once again, I want to say thank you to every one of you for welcoming me here, giving me the opportunity to share something I love on this site, and interact with so many of you awesome people who also share the same love and passion for films as I do. I couldn’t done it without all of you.

I guess I will shoutout to the users and fellow cinephiles on this site who are awesome and really made my first year on this site worth it: 

Sydney - for being really cool, having kick ass reviews, and just an awesome and very upbeat/ free spirited personality. Not to mention that her YouTube reviews and Tik Toks are legendary.

Isabel - for having a really cool taste in films and just a a killer personality that I vibe with. As well as having the same love and passion for the Raimi Spider-Man films as I do. 

AJ - for his unique taste in films and strive for sharing his love of films through his reviews and personal connections with them. 

Matt Qt - for his in-depth reviews and an all around really cool dude. 

Loaft_King - for being so cool and always have really good reviews for the films to watch. Not mention being a really chill person when discussing films and respects ones opinions on them.

Alex Leonce - for being really cool and always appreciate what he likes and the films he watches (no matter how good or bad they are). Not to mention I owe him a big thanks for sending me a copy of the Telugu version of RRR to watch.

Cric - for his really interesting hot takes and being a really good reviewer on the site. Not to mention I appreciate all the likes and comments he has given to my reviews. 

Dave - for being a really cool dude and someone who I always enjoy reading his reviews and seeing his takes. 

Christina - for being one of my first followers on this site, and she has such really good reviews that you should check out for yourself. 

Bryan - for his chill and fun personality that is shown through his reviews and the way he interacts with the people on here. 

ArtPig - for his well detailed reviews and being just a really cool person. As well as I appreciate his comment on my recent Kiki’s Delivery Service review. 

Meli - for being a really cool and awesome person who has really banger reviews on her plate. 

Nat - for her awesome reviews and just her constant support for my account in general.

Dylan - for his well detailed reviews and being openly honest with his life. As well as being really chill with how he talks to people on here. 

J.K - for their great reviews and having a promising good friendship on this site as time goes on.  

John - for being a really chill dude and for his really cool reviews (including his really funny experience of how he saw The Thing in theaters).

Kat - for just being cool and having great reviews to come along with it.

Matthew - for being really kind and just absolutely supportive for my reviews and love for films as an art form. Not to mention appreciate my love for Spider-Man 2, even if he didn’t quite feel the same as much I do. But it’s all in good respects. 

And there’s so many other cool people I have interacted throughout the year that I didn’t mentioned. But that doesn’t mean you’re not cool, you still are. And I’m excited to continue interacting with these awesome people and hopefully some new ones in the coming years. 

Once again. Thank you for my one year being on Letterboxd and here’s to hopefully some more awesome years in the future.

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