Being Evel

Being Evel ★★★½

Having grown up watching Evel doing his daredevil stunts on TV, I felt a bit of a connection to this tell-all documentary. Very well-done, with all the right people talking candidly about Robert Knievel. The man was one of a kind... his daring, his courage, fearlessness, resourcefulness... and then there was his manipulative, darker side. But despite the negative things... hey, Evel lived life on his own terms... and as a real-life superhero, he inspired and influenced people the world over and became one of the most famous people of the 70's.

Fame and money changed him, though, and people closest to him speak here about the two sides to Evel. Particularly revealing were the behind-the-scenes crazy terrifying events surrounding his Snake Canyon stunt. Seems to be a very honest account of the life of a fascinating man.

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