Emma. ★★★

The boys in this movie could have been so much  hotter, but it was lovely and an easy watch. This movie will probably be forgotten because the dialogue is pretty boring and the structure is unfortunately not modern enough on the heels of Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. There were a few moments where it got there (like the father’s abrupt entrance jumping down a flight of stairs) but not enough to keep it snappy. 

I’m a little confused by the desaturated art direction because the sets and costumes are gorgeous, but everything looked faded. I feel like the most memorable thing COULD have been the visuals if it had gone in a more saturated direction. There were so many moments that bordered on the pastel, candy land visual style we know from Marie Antoinette or The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was distracting to me, honestly, that it had that potential and didn’t go for it. That title card typesetting was exquisite though. You can tell this director started as an art director.