Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

Sound of Metal tells the story of a successful young drummer who loses his ability to listen. Being deaf must be a challenge that people who can hear often don't stay thinking about this huge challenge and the people who have to face them day by day. This film opens our eyes a little bit about this problem. As a society, we need to create more spaces so that deaf people can lead their lives in the best possible way. 
Speaking of the film, the mix of sounds is spectacular and it is advisable to watch this movie with headphones. Actually, for less than two hours, you are transported in a certain way to the world of the protagonist, which manages to completely feel an empathy for him, so you care and care how the plot develops. Without a doubt, this is the most striking and innovative thing about this film, turning it into a visual and auditory experience that is not usually found in a film.
All actors do a great job, especially our protagonist. I would definitely recommend this film.