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  • Entrails of a Beautiful Woman

    Entrails of a Beautiful Woman


    [Update - Just realised this was the 5000th film I logged on LB. So glad this was also a Hooptober watch. And the 2nd title I've logged containing the word 'entrails']

    Watched back to back with Entrails Of A Virgin. Thank goodness they axed the painfully dull soft core scenes in this sequel; the sex is still here, but seems better woven into the plot this time (albeit rape and torture). However, where Virgin's inventiveness saved it in the second…

  • Entrails of a Virgin

    Entrails of a Virgin


    I've seen some messed up films in my time, but I always suspected this film could not live up to its title and artwork. However, 20 minutes in I was actually finding it a tough watch; unfortunately this was due to boredom.

    That said, if you can make it through the very 80s glamour photo shoots and soft core fantasy scenes there is enough inventive slasher action in the second half to make this worth your time.

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  • Ninja Scroll

    Ninja Scroll


    2018 Cult Movie Challenge: Anime (my list)

    Death, disease, wanton destruction. Rape, mass murder and disembowelment. If you are still watching after the first ten minutes of Ninja Scroll then you are going to love this film.

    I am admittedly a relative newcomer to manga anime, but Ninja Scroll was like nothing I have seen before. The trouble is that I am not sure if I have plunged straight in at the deep end or is it possible I am…

  • Frankenstein



    Film #13 from my list for Hoop-Tober 3.0 challenge.

    I have never found cinematic adaptations of Frankenstein particularly engaging or inspiring. A classic ‘monster movie’? Absolutely. A profound and richly complex exploration of humanity and the human condition? Not so much.

    That is until now.

    This modern day interpretation by Bernard Rose is truly outstanding and I urge you to see it.

    To be honest, with more than 50 Frankenstein adaptations already available, I would almost certainly have given this…