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  • Sabotage



    A decent, but unexpectedly dark Schwarzenegger film. Unfortunately, they managed to blow the reveal big time.

  • Deepwater



    After a fast-paced start, I had high hopes for Deepwater. Peter Coyote does a good job as the jovial crook and Lucas Black is likeable enough as the main character.

    However, as soon as the two reach the small town where the rest of the film will take place (around 15 minutes into the movie), Deepwater slows its pace considerably. It does enough to keep you vaguely interested, but you start wishing that a lot more would be happening. The…

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  • Interstellar



    I've seen some great films by Christopher Nolan, but this isn't one of them. It starts off as a slowly-paced and thoughtful piece on what it means to be human and how people react if they are confronted with dire situations. This part is thought-provoking and conveys the emotions of the main characters well, although it is a little too long.

    Interstellar comes apart in the last hour of the film, suddenly reverting to action scenes that are not all…

  • Paul



    Could have done with a little less penis and butt jokes and a few more of the great Science Fiction jokes. But nevertheless a pretty entertaining movie. I guess you can always count on Pegg & Frost to deliver a film with decent laughs.