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  • Source Code

    Source Code


    Meh... Source Code starts out as a thriller, but it seems like halfway through, the movie decides that it wants to be a different genre - without knowing exactly which one. It's not great as a thriller, it's not great as a time-loop narrative and it's not very good as a reflection of identity either. The ending seems to tie everything up in a neat bow, but this felt very forced. Too bad: I know that Duncan Jones as well as Jake Gyllenhaal are capable of making better movies.

  • Opening Night

    Opening Night


    Topher Grace is a nice enough main character and there are a few decent laughs - most of them because JC Chasez is making fun of his reputation as "the other guy from 'N Sync". However, many supporting characters and their story arcs are not funny (or otherwise worthwile) at all.

    As a musical, the film did not work too well. Probably because we rarely get to follow a complete song, while the film switches between on- and offstage. Furthermore,…