Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Gonna have to insist that this budget should be the cap for any movie. You don’t need more. 

A thing of beauty. Couldn’t log it for a week, hoping I’d have something interesting to note about it later. So glad I saw it with a loved one, exiting together with our heads swimming, no need whatsoever to settle down a little and hunt down what corners of our unbridled enthusiasm might be superficial.

Honestly, I was buckling up beforehand. I have seen enough optimistic nihilism, enough New Sincerity, the “nothing matters and isn’t that what’s beautiful?” anthology show episodes, that my tolerance is too high. It’s now just good practice, a way to navigate a world I don’t know what to do with. I need it, but I can’t feel it anymore.

That’s why we gotta keep dildo butt fights alive and relevant. Daniels know there are cosmos all around us, but our observable universe fades beyond the horizon when we make ourselves stop laughing at farts. Our butts go honk and then make the room stink. What are you, above that? Fuck you.

The cast! Ke Huy Quan… my god. Impossible to not be outside of the movie sometimes, stunned it’s him making me feel this way. We are all still alive!

I love this movie. I love how it bursts without pretending families can ever say “let’s just be cool now.” When every conversational exchange has some little twinge of 30 years of unresolved shit behind it, any incremental baby-step toward an understanding is a hero’s journey.

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