“I suppose that’s what a man does.” God forgive anyone tilling this cursed land. 

From the opening moments, this film is gorgeous, though I’m losing count of the number of 2020 films assuring us there is no salvation to be found in The Dream. To be content is brutally difficult, even with a gratitude for the love you’ve found and life you’ve created. I’m very fearful of mass cultural resignation to the external cruelty always around the corner, be it economic or cosmic. This is because I am resigned to it and it feels bad, man. Maybe I’ll delete Twitter. 

Theme is woven throughout in a lovely way, each subplot offering enough to keep me up tonight on its own. Measured, beautiful performances — Steven Yeun, Han Ye-ri, Youn Yuh-jung, and Will Patton all have moments that knocked me dead. 

You have to say “Wonderful, wonderful minari” in your Minari write-up. Done!

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