Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½


Sharon Tate invites Rick Dalton to come over to her house. The credits roll and “Once Upon a Time..” shows up on screen. The signature catchphrase of a fairytale. Because that’s all it is, a fairytale. A wishful alternate history, a happier history.

There’s such a bounce, an energy to this movie. The neon is bright but the stars are brighter. With a movie actually about Hollywood, it’s fitting that three of the biggest stars in the world are the main characters. They are all phenomenal. Leo is my favorite actor on the planet and this just made me even more confident in that. Margot Robbie is, and I really hate this word, a vibe. Everything she does is vibrant and full of energy, and I don’t know too many actresses that can pull that off convincingly. Brad won his Oscar deservingly

A lot can be and has been said about Tarantino’s style of filmmaking. This manages to feel like a breath of fresh air while also keeping QT’s feel. Oh there’s long (and great) dialogue scenes and tons of gratuitous feet, but the blood and violence is really saved for the climax. This story isn’t about revenge it’s just people living their lives, and it didn’t want it to end. Roman Polanski and Charles Manson are there, but gracefully barely shown as those 2 scumbags should be.