Tenet ★★★★


It’s impossible to decipher everything I’ve seen on a first viewing. With repeat viewings and better understanding my rating could go higher. The pure spectacle and scale of everything shown is something to behold. Each action set piece is beautiful and breathtaking. Filming Inversion of time and going backwards seems impossible to do believably but Nolan and co pulls it off. 

Some dialogue is impossible to hear due to the (admittedly great) score. One reason why my rating is so high is that my biggest problem I don’t think is the movie’s fault. The theatre was jarringly and painfully loud, I’m going to wait to see online before determining whether that’s on the theater or the editing. 
Kenneth Branagh is terrifying here. While the film doesn’t give The Protagonist or Neil much of a backstory, he provides a terrifying villain.

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