Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★

I can't think of another sequel that stands alone from it's franchise quite like this one. Not having quite the reverence for the original, and intense dissatisfaction with it's follow-ups help particularly here, but nonetheless my enthusiasm for this has remained steadfast. James Cameron, through much refinement of his style after the first film launched him into Hollywood's open arms, created a framework that helped define the blockbuster in the decade of the 90's but did so much more as well in terms of it's groundbreaking visuals.

Beyond that, the themes and performances within it's sometimes thin plot overwhelms any dramatic problems and stand out more and more as time goes by. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in this stands as one of the major templates to female heroes we see today. Robert Patrick gives an amazing performance, a perfect simulation of a dead-eyed otherness underneath a human facade. Even more perfect than Arnold, who is allowed a little more depth to balance out his bad-ass look and nearly indestructible build to create one of the great action hero performances of all time.

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