Unbreakable ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

SAD! and not even just with shyamalan’s most heartbreaking twist yet!!! this whole movie feels like when I stole some of my d*d’s antidepressants in high school and they made me feel like 1950s-housewife-on-lithium levels of foggy haze. kinda NUTS that m.’s COMIC BOOK MOVIE is also his SLOWEST and SADDEST!!!!! like literally... the whole like long shots that fade into each other inherently exists in contrast with the comic book #style and then when the colors pop up??? when the COLORS pop up????? it’s over!!!!! every part of this makes Glass (which I will be rewatching ASAP, thank u v much) basically the saddest but also most heartwarming thing ever... wild that Glass and this movie successfully get u to empathize with Glass, and honestly thank god!! that twist is so damn sad... u don’t want Glass to be the bad guy but everyone’s gotta play their part 😭

PS if sixth sense child acting is better than this I will scream

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