Knives Out ★★★★½

One of most fun times I’ve had at a theater this year. I had an absolute blast watching Knives Out. It’s a very clever and well constructed movie that’s really funny and extremely entertaining. It definitely doesn’t play out exactly like I expected. Not as grandiose or like a typical film in the genre. It’s an interesting take on a “whodunnit” murder mystery. The script is one of my favorites of the year. Neat setups and payoffs as well as lots of fun characters played by a terrific cast. Everyone is excellent but Daniel Craig and Ana De Armas steal the show. It’s clear how much fun Craig had playing this character. This feels like a movie that was made for me honestly. One of my favorite films is Clue and this movie definitely reminded me of that. This shit isn’t perfect but I had so much fun that it’s easy to look past minor issues. Wonderful screenplay, performances and basically everything. I’ll be watching this again certainly

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