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  • The First Time

    The First Time

    Who decided that saturation on this was turned to 11 and also why this seemed more like it was filmed in 2004?

  • It



    Ok, so, I'm not sure where to start. Yes, I did enjoy myself seeing this in my local cinema and would recommend it to most of my friends if they asked.

    However, the shameless exploitation of the thirty-somethings need for a nostalgia trip was the first thing that I can remember from the film. The second thing is that it just wasn't scary. Actually, it was more like the horror elements had sort of.. been glued on top and the…

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  • Tiny Furniture

    Tiny Furniture


    I haven't watched any 'Girls' yet, but I think I'll have to now. I think this film hit a bit too close to home at times, definitely can relate to the main character a lot and I'm not sure if I like that. :--D It got a bit flatter towards the ending, but still a good film.

  • The Edge of Seventeen

    The Edge of Seventeen


    If only the plot was a bit less predictable and some of the relationships that one bit more realistic.. then I could give this four stars. A very good try, though.