Naked ★★★★★

After watching the last scene, I took a deep breath and realized that I've been holding it for a while. And now I feel like I'm going to cry.

-I've had enough. It comes at me from all angles. Y-You... All of you just... I-It's the tin lids... When... How will the world ever...

+ End?

- Yes!


One of the many great dialogues from this movie:

-What's up, love? Is it something I said?

+ I want you to go.

- Why?

+ Can you go, please?

- Is it 'cause I don't like dogs?

+ Get out!

- Don't quite follow, love.

+ Just fuck off!

-Oh. I see. Well, perhaps I was jumping to conclusions... but I got the impression that I could kip down on the sofa or something.

+ Go!

- Go where? Have you got any suggestions? 'Cause it's like a fucking Eskimo's grave out there.

Hey.! Hey.!

All right, I'm going!


It's not easy, is it? Do you find that? Well... just goes to show ya...
that no matter how many books you read... there's some things in this world that you never, ever, ever, ever... ever fuckin' understand.
Oh, thank you for the tea and the bath and the booze. And the beans. And listen, love, I hope that when you're tucked up tonight all snug and warm... underneath your tear-sodden fuckin' duvet... and your ankle-length Emily Brontë winding sheet... that you spare a thought for me with me head in a puddle of cold dog's piss. And I hope that you dream about me. And I hope that you wake up screamin'. And I hope that all your fuckin' children... are born blind, bow-legged, hare-lipped, homeless hunchbacks!

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