The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

EXHILARATING. Original. Unhinged.  

Holy shit. This was absolutely magnificent. Wholly unique directing and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I can’t even express how exhilarated I was to watch a modern picture that was CREATIVE!!!!!! DIFFERENT!!!!! Such a rarity. It felt like a breath of fresh, chaotic air. 

Speaking of chaos. It seems to act as the medium. Perfectly aligned with Gotham itself—unchained, untamable, tremendously chaotic. And I loved it.  

ALSO!!! Robert Pattinson is THEE Batman, THEE Bruce Wayne. His performance was delicate, pointed and a singular sort of neurotic…Bruce isn’t some superhero. He’s a neurotic, haunted little ghost. I adore it.

How does this picture manage to be both refreshingly modern and yet gothic and medieval? Fucking insanity. Incredible.

Paul Dano I would die for you baby.

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