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  • The Ides of March

    The Ides of March


    "Ambition seduces. Power corrupts."

    Chalk one up to Mr Beau "House Of Cards" Willimon. And an incredible cast.

  • Kiki's Delivery Service

    Kiki's Delivery Service


    German review for my first viewing from my former blog below. English bottom line: Simple beauty. That the existence of witches is conveyed as a delightful & pretty normal thing is one great & refreshing achievement of this movie.

    Zwar nach Bibi Blocksberg, aber vor Harry Potters erstem Jahr in Hogwarts, schickt Hayao Miyazaki ein selbstbewusstes, aber noch unbedarftes 13-jähriges Mädchen in ihr pflichtmäßiges Ausbildungsjahr für angehende Hexen fern der Heimat. In einer sehr europäisch anmutenden Großstadt macht Kiki in Begleitung ihres…

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  • 8½


    My first encounter with Fellini. His eighth & a half contribution to filmdom and a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind experience. This tour de force of the professional & personal crisis as well as fantasies & formative memories of an Italian movie director who's trying to get his next project off the ground is a delirious, life-infused metamovie that's dramatically & artistically firing on all cylinders. And it's a magical marvel to behold how all the fragments & figments form an unforgettable film. Bravo!

  • The Raid

    The Raid


    *smack* *hack* *zap* *slash* *wham* *punch* *oomph* *pow* *crack* *whoosh* *bam* *thud* *yawn*

    Did I miss anything?