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  • Deep Red
  • Clue
  • Wolf's Hole
  • Bay of Angels

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  • Spencer



    A film that I liken to Renoir’s Rules of the Game, the grandiosity and character and color of this film is marvelous. 

    This film was clearly imbued with love and when watching it I can’t help but be completely enamored with every aspect of it. While I do think that it’s best experienced in the theater, Spencer is truly a testament to film and is a breath of fresh air.

  • Audition



    “You may think I’m a clingy sort of woman. But I’ve been waiting for your call.” 

    I love this movie so much. The way this story is told…it’s so horrifying and beautiful at the same time. It consumes you.

    I love this film because Miike tells a wonderful and terrifying story but it’s also shot and directed and acted and even lit incredibly. It’s so cinematic in a almost claustrophobic yet epic way.

    And the ending…as she lays there…just haunting.

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  • RRR


    an incredible epic and captures so much through song and dance and such heavy style !!

  • Goodbye CP

    Goodbye CP

    Kazuo Hara making up for his atrocities to humanity with that fucking fantastic subway sequence

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  • Eye Candy

    Eye Candy

    Eye Candy is now available to stream! The link is here! 

    To speak on my experience with the film, I loved it. Working with lighting and angles and props in live time was like a dream come true. Even though it’s short, I hope it’s the start of something more. 

    My favorite types of horror are horror and fear that the audience can resonate with, pain that they have experienced or can picture experiencing. The shots with the fork, and the…

  • You Sold My Rollerskates?

    You Sold My Rollerskates?


    Everyone please go watch this right now. The animation style is ADORABLE and it’s so bright. Plus the kid’s voice is so funny and whimsical. It’s such a good short film.