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  • Marnie



    Marnie is a film that, along with Vertigo, many today would deem "problematic" (god I hate that word lol) due to the treatment of female characters. But what many find problematic about these films is what I find fascinating about them. If the male characters in these films behaved the way that people in real life SHOULD behave, the films would be boring! It is also interesting that these two films both go deeper into characterization than was usual for…

  • Family Plot

    Family Plot


    I don't care what anyone says: I fucking love Family Plot and think it is a fine end to an extraordinary career. It's one of Hitchcock's wittiest films and one of the greatest casts he ever assembled. Barbara Harris is hilarious as the phony medium and her pairing with Bruce Dern is a dream. Likewise, Karen Black and William Devane are perfect as the "bad" couple. The runaway car sequence is absolutely hysterical and you can tell Hitchcock was having a blast with the humor in this film. An underrated masterpiece, IMO.

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  • Sleepaway Camp

    Sleepaway Camp


    Sleepaway Camp will always hold a special place in my heart, because of my memory of renting the VHS from the video store years ago. I was young and didn't have access to the Net back then, so I knew absolutely nothing about this movie when I picked the box up off the shelf. The lack of photos from the movie on the back cover didn't help either, but the phony letter from a frightened camper printed on the back…

  • The House That Screamed

    The House That Screamed


    Man, oh, man! Just when I'm beginning to think I've seen every horror movie worth watching, an obscure gem like this one here sneaks up on me and blows me right the fuck away. 'La Residencia' is an unjustly overlooked masterpiece. It's a bit leisurely-paced, but the characters and mood and atmosphere – not to mention the lush, melodic score by Waldo de los Ríos – are all strong enough to hold interest. By the end, I was spellbound. See it!