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  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead


    Hooptober 4.0

    If ever there was a film that proved artistic worth cannot be judged by its initial reception, this is it. I'm pleased that Day of the Dead has become the fan favorite of the original Dead trilogy after being initially viewed as a disappointment, because it's such a great movie. Perhaps it was a bit ahead of its time. I've seen it a bunch of times and I don't have much to add that others haven't already pointed…

  • Hungry Wives

    Hungry Wives


    Hooptober 4.0

    Some haphazard observations after catching a screening of the new restoration of this film in the city where it was shot:

    Season of the Witch (aka "Jack's Wife" – an unmarketable title that nonetheless fits the film like a glove) is one of George Romero's most obscure films, but it deserves more attention as a reflection of how married women in the 1970s were trapped in subservience to their husbands. It isn't exactly a horror film in the…

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  • Sleepaway Camp

    Sleepaway Camp


    Sleepaway Camp will always hold a special place in my heart, because of my memory of renting the VHS from the video store years ago. I was young and didn't have access to the Net back then, so I knew absolutely nothing about this movie when I picked the box up off the shelf. The lack of photos from the movie on the back cover didn't help either, but the phony letter from a frightened camper printed on the back…

  • The House That Screamed

    The House That Screamed


    Man, oh, man! Just when I'm beginning to think I've seen every horror movie worth watching, an obscure gem like this one here sneaks up on me and blows me right the fuck away. 'La Residencia' is an unjustly overlooked masterpiece. It's a bit leisurely-paced, but the characters and mood and atmosphere – not to mention the lush, melodic score by Waldo de los Ríos – are all strong enough to hold interest. By the end, I was spellbound. See it!