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  • These Days

    These Days


    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Feels real. Feels energetic. Feels magic. Full of adolescence and reality, dreams and hopes.

    I have to praise the editing which makes the digital footage feel all the more analogue, and through that also more alive. This film is like an invitation to someones diary, just like it should be.

    Bless Andre. <3

    /your swedish kino-friend Edvin

  • My Love, Don't Cross That River

    My Love, Don't Cross That River


    I never thought Lars Von Triers Dancer in the dark would have a rightful contender for films that make you cry non-stop throughout the entirety of the movie. Well...
    Best valentines day film, by far.


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  • I Killed My Mother

    I Killed My Mother


    After my first viewing ever of a XD film, I am now one of his biggest fans.

  • Mid90s



    Fourth grade *sitting awkwardly in a sofa with his eyes fixated on his lap*: I have this one idea. Its about this baby. Like... like a superbaby. Its called strong baby.
    Girl: "Nice... thats cool."
    Fourth grade: "It has like a little cape"
    Girl:"Thats a sick idea.
    Fourth Grade *smiles big*: Thanks.

    Im halfway in and one of my favorite directors walks out of the main characters moms room zipping up his pants... WHAT THE FUCK!!! Gonna show this to all my skater friends and we will collectively praise the (not so fat anymore) Jonah Hill. Bless