Pi ★★★★½

The 100 Greatest Directors Club: boxd.it/1ea6G
Director #8: Darren Aronofsky
Film #2: Pi

Freaking amazing. I didn't expect to love this as much as I did.
Ok, this will be rushed since I don't wanna miss the Oscar Nominations Anouncements (JOIN US, WE'LL WATCH THEM ON RABBIT www.rabb.it/orfeas)
Pi was amazing. I adored the directing, the acting, the score and the script and basically everything else. The script works really well on its own but it gets even better when you realize that much of it could've taken place inside the main character's head. The cinematography does look a bit amateur at times, but who cares? The direction and the sound and the score and the acting are phenomenal. This film is just brilliant. I'd say more but, again, I GOTTA WATCH THE OSCARS! SO BYE. AND WATCH THIS FILM, IT'S AMAZING!