Always Shine ★★★½

Mindfuck alert. Mulholland Drive who???

This movie is awesome. It's so awesome. Moving a camera back and forth has never been so frightening. Starts with a genius piece of audience misdirection and only gets more delightfully intense from there. Mackenzie Davis being sassy is terrifying.

Feel slightly guilty about not giving this the 4 stars it probably deserves, but maybe that's just a bitter rebellion against the fact that not enough people have seen this film for there to be analysises that I can read/watch (if you know any, PLEASE point me in that direction, or if you have anything to say that might clear things up, PLEASE tell me). It's the kind of mindfuck that leaves you stranded and questioning, comfortable in the feeling that the writer and director absolutely know what they're doing, even if you don't.

Anyway, Sofia Takal is one expert, and she is gonna do major things. Performances are tops too, and Mackenzie Davis becomes more and more my favourite thing with each passing day. See this, please!

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