I Am Jane Doe

I Am Jane Doe ★★★

There have been a number of illuminating and essential documentaries over the past few years about topics such as sexual assault and sex trafficking, and I can't stress enough that they're worth watching.

There are three that come to mind though: this, Audrie & Daisy and The Hunting Ground (all of which I believe are on Netflix). They take quite different approaches from one another, and if you're only going to watch one, make it The Hunting Ground. I Am Jane Doe is its antithesis in a sense (although I am aware that the issues they discuss are different, but they both relate to the results of the exploitation and sexualisation of young women, so let's lump them in together).

I Am Jane Doe is all about the legal proceedings involved, whereas The Hunting Ground mixes elements of this with a lot more personal testimonials. It's much more about the survivors testifying and telling their stories, as well as rising up to fight the systems that abused them. Watch The Hunting Ground, but watch I Am Jane Doe too. It's more clinical, but just as essential for it. The statistics are... staggering. It doesn't mince words.

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