Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll ★★★★★

An emotional, passionate and heartbreaking look at Cambodia's spiritually uplifting Rock n' Roll scene, and the horrible tragedy that befell it during the Vietnam war and the following coup by Pol Pot.

Eye-witness reports, talking heads, audio/movie clips and miles of fascinating vintage footage are spliced with smart edits, music cues and slick dramatic representations. All combined to produce an incredibly absorbing and immersive document of Cambodia's vitally important music scene and, sadly, the true horrors of man that were inflicted upon the country from all sides. A country that considered itself neutral in the surrounding chaos.

As inspiring as it is depressing. Don't Think I've Forgotten, like all the music played within the film, wooed me with its song while simultaneously breaking my heart.

Don't ever think that the events portrayed within are so far out of our sphere of reference that they couldn't happen again. Let's make sure that they don't.