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  • Knife+Heart



    A fascinating, if muddled, gay French giallo that turns the genre on its head.

    Watched on Shudder.

  • Black Cat Mansion

    Black Cat Mansion


    Suggested by Brandon Kawashima, BLACK CAT MANSION begins (and ends) as a delightfully creaky black-and-white 1950s gothic, before turning into a full-color supernatural revenge melodrama set during the samurai era. Both sections are kind of great, even if the doctor main character is constantly telling his wife that she's imagining things.

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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    We can debate all the livelong day about whether this movie ever needed to have been made in the first place, but if you were going to, I can't think of any other way to do it but as a mishmash of King's novel and Kubrick's film.

    Watched for work.

  • Polar



    The most generous explanation I can come up with for Polar is that it was made by aliens who have never seen a human and had to extrapolate everything about us entirely by reading the worst, most egregious "edgy" comics from the '90s.