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Orrin Grey is a skeleton who likes monsters, as well as the author of several books about same.

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  • Giants and Toys

    Giants and Toys


    What if one of Audrey Hepburn's '50s films was an acidic indictment of capitalism?

  • Santa Sangre

    Santa Sangre


    Having never seen a Jodorowsky film prior to this, I knew him primarily as "that director who once bragged about having raped someone." Watching SANTA SANGRE just made me hate him even more than I already did.

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  • Dolls



    Somewhere, there is a Venn diagram of Stuart Gordon movies, Full Moon movies, old dark house movies, and EC horror comics. And DOLLS is right there in the middle.

  • Shivers



    Following up my first viewing of EXTERMINATING ANGEL with my first viewing of Cronenberg's rape zombie debut because I guess rich people trapped in places, coming apart is what I'm doing right now, by accident, in this, the 16,000th month of the pandemic.