Cinema Paradiso ★★★★★

Not "Paradisio", it's "Paradiso". And it is "Paradise" in the world of films. A small Sicilian village over a couple of generations with a movie theatre as the focal point of all activity is the setting. The projectionist is an old man and he eventually (I will not divulge the causation) trains a small boy to run the projection equipment.
Flash forward 50 years and the now-famous grown up child is coming home for the funeral of his projectionist mentor, his first visit to the village in many years. His return is bittersweet but his reward is monumental.
I laughed and cried (I still cry at the end of the film despite myself due to its moving but joyous pronouncements about life and love and how we forget little things that are so much more than they seem at the time they happen. This is a true classic. Even if you denounce subtitles you will succomb to this triumph of filmmaking, acting, and unutterably sublime music.