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  • First Man

    First Man


    Next year is going to be the 50th anniversary of moon landing, this one ‘small step’ on 20th July 1969 is arguably the most glorifying moment of mankind in the 20th century which was iconically fuelled by the fierce technology and military race between the United States and the Soviet Union amid the Cold War. Nonetheless it’s a scientific triumph of mankind in overcoming the territorial boundary of Earth. Since then the name of Neil Armstrong, the first man to…

  • Samurai Banners

    Samurai Banners


    Part of My “Underseen Japanese Films: 60s Samurai Films

    I’m always prepared to love any films starring Toshiro Mifune, but SAMURAI BANNERS, a jidaigeki epic directed by Hiroshi Inagaki (who also collaborated with Mifune in numerous films including the well-received Musashi Miyamoto "Samurai Trilogy") just failed to win me over. Mifune is still as fascinating as, if not implicitly better, than his other famous samurai roles. He plays Yamamoto Kansuke, a ronin from Ushikubo who quickly rises to be the…

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    **Part of my "Sight and Sound Greatest Films" Project**
    **"My 100 All Time Favorite Films"**

    The Rearward View of Life

    Near the end of the film Yi Yi, there is a funeral, the little boy Yang-Yang (Jonathan Chang) reads out the letter he wrote for his deceased grandma (Ruyun Tang), saying he would like to be a person of showing stuff others don't see, and now when he sees his baby cousin, he would feel old too. Every time when…

  • Shoplifters



    Added to “2018, Ranked” & “Palme d’Or Winners, Ranked

    A summation of Koreeda’s works. Abandoned children in Nobody Knows (2004); slice of family life in Still Walking (2008) and Our Little Sister (2015); parenthood without blood ties in Like Father, Like Son (2013); the dissolution of traditional family relationship, from society detachment in Distance (2001) to failure of fatherhood in After the Storm (2016); and the crime of the marginalized people in The Third Murder (2017), all interwoven into Shoplifters. It…