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  • Bad Timing

    Bad Timing


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    I find it extremely hard to write a review of a film which I consider well crafted yet principally detesting, and this film is BAD TIMING. It has nothing to do with its technical aspects, I even like its fragmented storytelling, a kind of trademark in Roeg’s editing he developed over several films ever since his co-directed debut PERFORMANCE (1970). The music is swell and the placement of songs is the highlight of the film, the…

  • Eureka



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    Even after watching Nicolas Roeg’s 1983 film EUREKA twice, I’m still uncertain whether I like it or not. There’s always a disturbing undercurrent in every Roeg’s films I have seen so far, occasionally associated with some inexplicable supernatural elements. EUREKA follows the same path, yet it’s also a psychological thriller in the middle and a court case of mystery in the last act. Amidst the first act, or an epilogue one could say, we are already…

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


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    The Rearward View of Life

    Near the end of the film Yi Yi, there is a funeral, the little boy Yang-Yang (Jonathan Chang) reads out the letter he wrote for his deceased grandma (Ruyun Tang), saying he would like to be a person of showing stuff others don't see, and now when he sees his baby cousin, he would feel old too. Every time when…

  • Shoplifters



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    A summation of Koreeda’s works. Abandoned children in Nobody Knows (2004); slice of family life in Still Walking (2008) and Our Little Sister (2015); parenthood without blood ties in Like Father, Like Son (2013); the dissolution of traditional family relationship, from society detachment in Distance (2001) to failure of fatherhood in After the Storm (2016); and the crime of the marginalized people in The Third Murder (2017), all interwoven into Shoplifters. It…