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  • Straw Dogs

    Straw Dogs


    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Acknowledge the Violence

    Once in a while, a film would emerge and shock me in complete awe with its depiction of ultra-violence and its lack of moral restraint. Sam Peckinpah's controversial rape-and-home-invasion "horror" film Straw Dogs definitely belongs to that category, it's chilling to the bone and condescending in every possible way. It was "notoriously" identified by film critic Pauline Kael as “the first American film that is a fascist work of art.”…

  • The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

    The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog


    The Lodger has been a fun and enthralling film to watch but not so much an exploratory film to be reviewed of since almost every scene has been thoroughly analysed by the critics in view of the recurring Hitchcockian elements that pervaded the master's subsequent works. What I'm going to say here would certainly look déjà vu , as already proclaimed in almost every review I read and by Hitchcock himself to Francois Truffaut in the famous conservation between the…

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    The Rearward View of Life

    Near the end of the film Yi Yi, there is a funeral, the little boy Yang-Yang (Jonathan Chang) reads out the letter he wrote for his deceased grandma (Ruyun Tang), saying he would like to be a person of showing stuff others don't see, and now when he sees his baby cousin, he would feel old too. Every time when I watch this ending, I can imagine director Edward Yang expressing his motivation in making…

  • Insiang



    Blog Review:

    Starting from the first image of Insiang, a squeaking pig is slain directly with a knife to its throat while being hung upside down in a slaughterhouse, Lino Brocka's volatile blend of realism and melodrama is aimed to be brutally grim and indelibly blunt in the following ninety minutes. It also set as an allegory to the forthcoming cruelty inflicted upon the eponymous character. In the broader sense of storytelling, the sufferings of Insiang (Hilda Koronel) alludes…