Broken Flowers ★★★★½

Bill Murray forever.

There are few actors who are so endlessly watchable while doing nothing, and even fewer who can convey a million thoughts in a single expression. Bill Murray is one of those. Bill Murray is just the icing on the cake in a film full of excellent women, Jeffrey Wright, and Jarmusch's top-notch writing and direction.

I don't know what makes Broken Flowers so endearing to me. Perhaps it is the fact that the character realizes something about himself but it isn't spelt out to the audience like most road trip movies would? Or is it just that every shot is a joy to watch? Is it because Jarmusch wrote every single character so compellingly I want to see more of them?

Perhaps all of the above. Broken Flowers is that rare dramedy that can milk so much joy from a character's loneliness. Characters communicate and express through facial expressions, and when they don't, they use fascinating dialogue. I was smiling all along, because this is further proof that a big budget is not required to make movie magic.

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