Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

Like a striptease, it is often repetitive and leaves you wanting more, but like a striptease it is really enjoyable and unforgettable.

Social commentary has never been sexier. It is all a fever dream, with bikini eye-candy and a partying soundtrack. But it is more than that. It is almost artistic. The voiceover is presumably the best element, like an echoe.

I was not 100% content with the direction. The low quality of the source where I watched it sure didnt help, but still didnt like. James Franco was a highlight. We are used to see him in classier performances, so watching him gone wild is both a surprise and a delight. He gives the character a personality. The girls show more skin than acting skills, but its not like their characters where extremely well written. I actually admire them. It is not easy starring in this movie the day after being a Disney girl, knowing critics, the press, and angry parents were not going to approve it.

Social commentary at its best: Flashabks of Faith in the church days before robbing a restaurant and partying it wild.

It is like Project X of this year, but BETTER, with an actual porpose. The only dissappointment I had was not finding Wish U Were Here of Pink Floyd nowhere in the soundtrack.

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