WALL·E ★★★★★


This. This is the film that makes me love Pixar as much as I do. This is the film I keep looking back to, and the one I always mention when I say animation is not only one of my favorite genres, but a narrative vessel to tell meaningful stories. It's a medium which has the potential to generate masterpieces, and it is generally one of the most universal forms of narration, as it can be viewed by people of all ages. It hurts the genre when lazy hacks make a cash cow, but we'll always have masterpieces like Wall-e.

From the gorgeous opening shots of the space to the uplifting ending, Wall-e is the rare experience that works in all levels. It's really one of the most complete film out there, balancing plot with character development, and an endearing love story with thought-provoking science-fiction. Everyone knows how enviromentalist this film is, and it is refreshing that its message never comes off as forced, and it doesn't look down on us for the damage we're making. It's a rather humane story of humans remembering their roots and fighting to return to them, and about a lonely robot finally finding some company. It doesn't state that technology is evil and that nature is better; by having both good robots (like Wall-e and EVE) and a bad robot (AUTO) it shows the two faces of technoloy which is way better than simplifying it down to only its good or bad traits. It's a really inventive film I keep falling in love with and everytime I watch it I notice more stuff that makes it even better. The first half remains Pixar's most ambitious hour, and I love how it showed that lack of dialogue can be accesible to general audiences (Chaplin and Keaton already do that every single time a film of theirs play, but still).

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