Academy Launches Podcast with Jim LeBrecht: The Art of Documentary

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The Academy's new podcast, The Art of Documentary, delves deeper than ever before into the minds of some of the field's most influential voices.

As Questlove, an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker in his own right, said onstage at this year's 95th Oscars, the power of documentary filmmaking is in the "unique lens and points of view" of the filmmaker.

The podcast's first episode features a conversation between Oscar-nominated host Jim LeBrecht and Danny Cohen, director of the documentary Anonymous Club. Shot on 16-millimeter film, the movie follows Australian musician and songwriter Courtney Barnett over three years of touring.

"After the first six months, I was like, 'I feel like I just don’t need to be shooting shows,'" Cohen explains. "Because the plan was never to make a music documentary that had non-stop music, you know? I wanted a story. I wanted something deep. I wanted something that people could relate to universally — not just Courtney fans."

Future episodes include interviews with Bing Liu, Kirsten John, Roger Ross Williams and more.

New episodes of The Art of Documentary will release on Wednesdays, and are available wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen to the first episode and check back every Wednesday for the latest release.