Josh Buscemi

Josh Buscemi

The love child of Steve Buscemi and Mother Earth.

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  • Men in Black

    Men in Black


    This movie is only iconic because Will Smith steals every scene he is in. Also, my impression of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Edgar character steals the hearts and minds of all who hears it.

  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    The closest thing I’ve seen to Hamilton since I saw Hamilton in 2019.

    Also, this was really good. It felt more like a series of intertwined vignettes celebrating modern Latin culture instead of a full on narrative musical. I enjoyed everything that didn’t have Lin-Manuel Miranda in a tank top and too much scruff.

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  • Frank



    Coca cola, lipstick ringo
    Dance all night, dance all night
    I've got dancing legs, woo!
    They won't stop me dancing
    No, they won't stop me dancing
    Kiss me, just kiss me
    Kiss me, Nefertiti
    Just the way you like it
    Just the way you like it
    Kiss me, kiss me
    Lipstick kiss me lipstick ringo that's the way you like it!

    I have a certificate that says this is a very likable song.

  • Castle in the Ground

    Castle in the Ground


    There was a moment when I was about 5, it was soon after my dad left. My mom had tried dating new men, one of them being an ex heroin user. He had been clean for a year, and my mom liked him because he was really nice to my brother's and I. There was one day, however, when he asked me to come with him to the store. I remember us pulling into a normal looking neighborhood, and he…