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  • Killing Klaus Kinski

    Killing Klaus Kinski


    With a challenging mission, to fictionally reproduce a part of the filming process of "Fitzcarraldo", the director Spiros Stathoulopoulos managed to bring a tone of suspense and tension through his angles and framing choices. "Killing Klaus Kinski", shown at important festivals such as "Clermont-Ferrand" and "Indie Lisboa", talk about the memory and history of cinema by revising this important moment through its language and aesthetics. With a great job of production design, soundtrack and acting, we are taken on a…

  • Guaxuma



    Guaxuma is one of the last Brazilian short films that has been most successful abroad, such as "O Órfão", by Carolina Markowicz, among others. Exhibited at major festivals in the world such as Annecy (animation), IDFA (documentary), Toronto, SXSW, etc., the work reflects deeply on affectivity, memory and pain. With the narration of the director Nara Normande, we feel a great sincerity on the part of her with her audience, her feelings are open without fear to those who watch.…

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  • Rope



    Rope is a very well-constructed chronicle of life and death, but more than this is about the way of we have relations and behaviors.

    With a beautiful photography, good and dynamic dialogues, Hitchcock constructed a narrative full of things between the lines and discussions about the life and feelings.

  • Philosophy in the Boudoir

    Philosophy in the Boudoir


    The new feature of Satyros came to saturate and deconstruct poetically a great taboo of our current society: nudity and sex.

    In a very theatrical way with great focus on the dialogues and performances of the characters, the film is the cinematic version of the book of the same name by the author Marquês de Sade. Dolmancé and Juliette are two "libertine" and daring characters who receive the young virgin Eugénie who gradually enters the world of perversion and sex…