Possessor ★★★★½

Fucking wow.

I went into This completely blind. I only saw the unsettling poster and high ratings in Letterboxd. Maybe had a quick glance at the pictures on the back of the dvd cover. 
Fuck me I was expecting to sign up for this ride. What an amazing movie. So close to being a masterpiece. This concept is great and unique only cause the production design is so superb. Honestly I’m in awe of the props and set in that room. The performance were solid and carried the whole film. The cinematography is so bright, vibrant and rich. Also fuck me i absolutely fucking adore and love a great blood squib and this film has a perfect handful. The story is so great and deep I had absolutely no idea where the third act was going to go. It’s just amazing at its themes and the way it tells you the story. Perfect balance of telling is enough but not treating us dumb. Man this was totally worth the $24. I highly highly recommend if you’re a sci-fi horror fan like myself most definitely check this one out. 9.5/10
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