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  • Overlord



    Is this Craig Zahlers movie? You'd think it was with the built up change in genre, perhaps slightly more jarring then how he achieves it, but well done regardless. Because this movie is mostly a war drama, and yeah that's just as horrifying! So much so it does feel like a horror movie throughout, I just mean it's jarring as sure the themes are out in early on, it just go full on nutzoid zombie fest for 20-30 minutes.


  • Mandy



    The start of Hooptober with film #1 Mandy! This is for the decades section, being the 2010's.

    "I'm your god now"

    Goodbye Hereditary, hello Mandy! My new film of the year, or perhaps with time my new favourite film, because this was fucking awesome!
    Such a beast of a movie, Panos really knows how to craft a movie, even if it's as simple as a 80s throwback revenge horror! Everything is turned right up, the gore, the horror, the acting,…

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  • Murder Party

    Murder Party


    Now I've seen all of Saulniers films, I can safely say this is his worst!
    The acting from everyone but Macon sucks, it often looks flat and uncinematic, I don't care about the script or the characters, motivations and decisions are baseless and fuck that Alexander is a tosser!

    The whole bashing arty types, as making them out to be wankers, and murdering them is skin deep. Almost as if Saulnier is saying he's insecure himself, what has the art…

  • Tombstone



    Really great western!! So well crafted and clearly loved, it's just shame it falls apart in the last 45/30 mins, and just becomes various shots of random violence. Whilst still enjoyable, the shift from it being tightly plotted and paced is jarring.

    Superb acting performances here! Powers Boothe is an amazing villain, that bloke from Don't Breathe is a great weasel, Kurt Russell is great at being Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton remains like Sean Bean in terms of character demise…

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  • Veronica



    I see plenty of reviews of this movie, bashing its scariness. Funnily enough considering the type of movie it is, it's not awash with lame jump scares that are apparently the measurement for scares these days. Also the scariness of a horror film is not a valid criticism, the genre is not called a scary film. The role of the genre is to horrify in multiple different ways, and if it scares you well that's great because they can do…

  • Night of the Comet

    Night of the Comet


    Really really fun 80s cult classic! Featuring two strong ass ladies! and a big ol heap of human dust, and mutant cannibal freaks! Not that there's actually much of that in the film, but when they're on screen it's cool.
    Especially the police officer freaks in the dream, they were so cool! And I believe feature on the Arrow Video release of this!

    Strange that a lot of cult classics are directed by someone, who either has made barely any…